Thursday, February 25, 2016


Slowly, slowly, slowly things are coming together. I have an appointment with the nuerologist on March 17, at which point he’ll hopefully be able to determine if I need surgery for the nerves. It seems like a long wait but the timing actually isn’t that bad as he’s on the board that meets monthly to decide the surgery schedule for Calgary Nuerology patients, and that meeting comes right after my appointment. My hand strength this week went up to 47%, so after 4 weeks I’ve gone from 0 to almost ½ recovery. I guess that’s right in line with what the Canmore Emerg doc said, 2-3 months for nerves to heal. That is if it’s only the mylin outer sheath that is damaged. It kinda seems like that is the case as the healing process is coming, albeit slowly.

During my walk today I tried jogging a few steps and it was the wierdest feeling as that arm really doesn’t move properly. I think it’s the combi of nerve damage (my shoulder is quite numb still) and rotator cuff tearing damage. It took a great effort just to swing that arm in a normal running motion. Man, the things you take for granted.

So in a week I get to have an ultrasound that will hopefully determine the extent of rotator cuff damage. I then meet w/ Dr Reed to evaluate the need for surgery, at which point I”ll meet with Banff ortho surgeon. But I guess ortho surgery takes a back seat to nerve stuff. I’m hoping and praying progress continues on that front.

I’m not even thinking of running or skiing much. Certainly not the latter. Conditions are lousy this year anyway. My quest is recovery. Although I have enjoyed challenging myself on my spin bike intensity days. I record every possible value I can (heart rate, distance, max hr, apprx watts). I can be feeling a little low sometime as I enter the training centre weight room viewing people skiing on the adjacent trails, but a good hard effort can really up the spirits. Funny how sometimes the things you feel least like doing are the very things you need to do.

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