Friday, June 17, 2016


Have you ever personally experienced a miracle? I may have... actually maybe a couple. It’s weird though, you question. You wonder, “Am I just imagining this or making something to be that isn’t?”  This was a big week for me. It’s been 5 months since my shoulder blowout. 3 months since I first met with a neurologist. During that initial visit it was concluded that the axillary nerve to the deltoid muscle was totally pooched. When they hooked me up to the machine that measures both visually and audibly any firing in that muscle, it was absolutely dead calm silent.

 As a result they set me up for this week’s “clinic”.  In the clinic, you meet with several Drs, physio people and a surgeon (or 2). The first doc was a residence rookie, that was impressed that I knew Killian Journet. I was impressed he knew who Killian was and what skimo is! He contradicted what my physio had reported, that my deltoid actually seemed to be working. After that first nuero doc visit I’m quite sure they didn’t expect that nerve to come back, such was the damage originally done. I’d just assumed that all my strengthening work on the surrounding muscles was working and that’s why I was able to do so much recently.

Then came the electro hook up. When they stuck the needle into my deltoid you could both hear and see little dots that indicated nerve firing. They gave me some resistance against my arm and said to push against it. When I did the machine lit up. Everyone was amazed.

The docs then left the room and I wasn’t sure if I was done or what. They were probably having a quick pow-wow, then Dr. McNeil explained to me that I was good and didn’t need to wait around for the parade of nerve specialist to come by and evaluate. I could barely hold back tears of joy.
 Seriously, I held it together, but once I was reunited with Deb every time I tried to speak nothing came out but tears of joy. I was pretty much a blubbering mess the rest of the afternoon. As we walked across the parking lot to meet a friend for lunch we wanted to pray a prayer of thanks for all the answered prayers for my shoulder’s healing. However, I knew I couldn’t do it.... too much emotion, so she led us in prayer. It was an awesome moment.

One of my first thoughts was to the races I’d now get to do this summer and some of the work things I’d been putting on hold. But all that seemed pretty insignificant because the most important thing going on was that we’d personally experienced the power of God and His presence. Earlier in my training log during a time when my faith was waning I’d written down a Bible verse from Mark 11.24; “therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be done for you”. I’ll admit that for the most part I struggled to believe these words of Jesus. And as a result was mentally and physically preparing for the nerve surgery and the long recovery. I will say now though, my faith is stronger. I guess that’s what happens when you personally experience God’s presence in a powerful way. Even if I’d have the chance to go back and not have to go through all I’ve been through the last 5 months, I wouldn’t take it.