Wednesday, September 21, 2011


After a summer of training in the "Valley" it’s time to get in some altitude-otherwise known as "vertical" or "vert". Since our skimo races have hills as long as :30 (N. America), 1:00 (Europe) you need to get used to climbing...and climbing hard!!

I was beginning to wonder if my training plan of building a base by preparing for Ironman Canada was the best idea. 2 and 3 weeks after the race I started knocking off some nice mountain hikes, but just felt sluggish. Duh, maybe it was because I wasn’t fully recovered.. Yesterday,3 + weeks after the big event I was hammering up Lady MacDonald mountain, doing 3x:10 intervals and I felt strong again. The Aerosmith song, "Back in the Saddle Again" started playing in my head. Initially my plan was to keep the intervals in zone 3, but it felt so good to go hard that I brought them up to a solid zone 4 level. As usual, at the end of the hike I was rewarded with a great mountain top view. What an awesome way to train!!

With a solid base from summer tri training it’s now time to do as much climbing as I can. This weekend my plan is to do a roller ski time trial up the Norquay access road, a :30 minute ski, then the next day scale up Mt. Allen- a close bike ride from my house.

Well, I’m off to lead a Sport/Faith Bible discussion group with some bobsled athletes, then watch them do start training in the ice house. On my way home I’ll stop in K country for a vert hike up to Baldy Pass.

Go vert or go home!