Thursday, February 18, 2016

Steve0's Last Run update #2

Well, I might have been a little too optimistic about my comeback timing. I was reading today rehab protocols for shoulder surgery. It starts off with 6 weeks in a sling, followed by a couple months of slowly working back into activity. So if surgery comes (optimistically) in April, that puts me well into summer before I can start running. Given that it’s currently Feb (my birthday today) I’ve got a long way before I can do any substantial training. My goal of course is to get back to full strength. I don’t want to have a half healed shoulder that can pop out at any time. I’d hold back the rest of my life and there are just too many things I still want to do ski wise and otherwise to slow down now. So if it means losing a year, so be it. I’ll gain several more in terms of quality years later.

The one issue I’m concerned about, after making sure I get back full use of my hand and shoulder, is the VO2 max loss that I’ll sustain. Currently I’m spinning the bike and doing intervals 2-3 times per week. At this point the training goal is to minimize losses. During my rehab my plan will be to do a lot of walking combined with 2-3 higher intensity spin bikes per week and core and light strength. That’s basically the plan I’m on now. Besides maintaining fitness, I believe that activity increases blood flow and helps speed recovery. Another added benefit is the release of endorphins while training that could help mask some of the overall pain of surgery.

I’m still waiting for my nuerologist appointment. It’s been a month since the accident, so I”M READY!! Hopefully they’ll soon give me the ok to schedule the surgery, but this won’t happen until we know the nerves are generally healed and my hand and arm function are mostly back. I have an ultrasound appointment in 1.5 weeks to confirm the size of the tears. Then it’s just a waiting game from there.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!!

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