Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Steve0's Last Run update #4

Progress. Sometimes it seems to go so slow. I’m 5.5 weeks out. This morning I was washing my hands and realized, “hey! I can feel the temperature of the water!”  It may not seem like much, but it’s progress and I”ll take it. I will say though that my hands seem to be unthawing.. In the winter when you freeze your hands you can shake them out forcing warm blood into them. In a matter of minutes they unfreeze providing a reliving warmth, however it’s quite painful as the warm blood flows into the frozen cells. For me in my situation it’s a similar feeling, though instead of minutes, it’s weeks. Fortunately no pain.

Some other good news, my Nuerology and EMG test have been moved up 10 days. So now it’ll only be 6 weeks post crash that I’ll see him (for the first time). Ultra sound to access the Rotator Cuff damage comes 4 days before this. Then after the EMG I”ll meet with Andy to discuss the next step which I’m pretty sure will be an appointment with Butchko or Heard, surgeons to chart a likely surgical path to repair the tears in the cuff.

It's March 1st today. I realized I didn't ski once in Feb. I haven't done this since I started skiing downhill in 1974. It's such a weird feeling just wanting winter to end and spring to come. If I can't ski... but then my older daughter was saying how sad she feels when she sees a brown patch of ground. For her winter could keep going and going. As they say, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" Funny how proud of her I was when she said this.

I looked at my shoulders in the mirror last night. One is round, healthy and somewhat muscular (I’ve been doing dumbbell exercises realizing I only have 1 good arm,  better keep it in shape), the other is bony and sickly looking. Imagine what it’ll be like after another month waiting for surgery, then 4+ weeks in a sling. Just like the hand model in Zoolander, I could be a ½ shoulder model for ...?

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