Thursday, August 11, 2011

Count Down To Ironman Canada

While in Italy last winter competing in the world skimo champs I decided to make sure I did an Ironman this summer. I train hardest in the off season when I have a big goal and ironman gives me the biggest push. It's been since 2007 since I've punished my body in this way and I don't want to lose touch as it seemed I was finally figuring out the ultra long distance event.

So with that in mind I've been putting in the hours. Long bikes, long runs, even some swimming! My final big test of fitness came this week. I decided to do an "abreviated" Ironman. I swam "45 min in the cold quarry behind my house, then biked to Invermere, BC, a 180km ride (Iron distance), I followed this with a 10k run.

The swim was ok. The bike, really the big test. I did it in 6 hours. At training pace, yet at that time a respectable race time. My goal for this year's race is to do at least a 5:30 bike on a 6:00 effort. Meaning I'm trying to dial in my aero capabilities. I've got the coolest new aero helmet, aero over booties for my shoes, aero fabric bike shorts and I'm about to order an aero jersey today. For the training ride I used the helmet, as it has a definate sweet spot that feels most aero and I wanted to practice dialing that in.  I did wear my shorts, but not any aero jersey and in fact carried a very un-aero-dynamic Camel back.

The bike effort was easy enough that I felt like superman on the run. It may have also been the Red Bull, but I felt great! For this year's race I'm using a new shoe called "Hoka One One". It's got 3 times the normal cushion of a running shoe. Kinda spongy, but so nice on the legs.

In any case, after my test I recovered in 2 days and feel super fit and ready. One of my greatest challenges come race day will not be overpacing on the bike. Both previous Ironman Canada's I got too excited and sucked into a pace that left me nothing for the run. I hope to change that this  year. Hopefully go almost as fast, but with more juice left for the run.

I'll keep ya posted!

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