Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Days are getting short...winter and ski season can't be too far away. It's a tough time of year to keep the training going though. With such little light it means my weekly middle long run on Wed. mornings starts in the dark. The nice part is I get to see the sun come up over the mountains. Usually it cast a really cool orange on the now covered with snow peaks.

I did my last high altitude hike this week. Corey Pass in Banff nat'l park. I made it up to the pass in around 1.5 hours, but there were some real sketchy-icy sections towards the top. The "don't fall or you're going for a long slide" kind of footing. At this point I'll keep it to the valley floor and hope for some winter weather soon.

It's suppossed to be a La Nina winter, which usually means snowy and cold. The last 3 of 5 La Nina's around here though have been warm, yet snowy. That's a nice combination! Snow, but not not killer cold.

Last year we had an unusually cold and quick start to the ski season, doing xc on the golf course from early Oct. It was fun and good training, but with the warmer weather this year I feel like I've gotten a lot more quality training in. I've kept up the 2 intensity workouts per week as well as the 2 long ones.

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