Friday, September 3, 2010

Training As Healing

Life can throw some curveballs at ya sometime. This week has seen not just one of those curveballs beaning right toward my head, but a couple. As one of my favorite rock groups, 7th Day Slumber sings, "life just sucks sometimes". But in the middle of harsh relational realities I've found that training can keep you from going insane. Each workout this week I had a smile on my face as I buzzed through the woods on my mtn bike or hammered up Ha Ling Peak behind my house. If I had to live in Regina or another vertically challenged place I don't know if I could take it. But no matter how sour things can get, there's so much joy by moving your body either through the woods or up a mountain.

Several years ago I had a friend that had just lost his wife and was himself diagnosed with a permanent physical disorder. Besides this he already suffered from depression. He'd talked of suicide from time to time, but never seriously- when these things hit him though I began to fear for him. In the midst of all this he began to run again with the goal of finishing a marathon. He joined a group at his health club. With the new goal and relationships he had a reason to get out of bed each day. I seriously think the marathon (which he finished) saved his life.

There's a lot more to training than going fast, beating someone or accomplishing a time goal. Sometimes a run can be the most spiritual, emotionally healing thing you can do for yourself.

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