Thursday, November 13, 2008

"No Train...No Bathe"

(The above is to be said in your best Eastern European accent).
In our home we have the above saying. No we're not trying to "go Euro". If you've travelled much to some of the European countries you'll know what I mean. Taking the weekly bath whether one needs it or not. It's just that to my wife & I it makes more sense to shower after a workout than in the morning. I know a lot of people take their daily early morning shower, but really, how much sweat do you work up sleeping? It's when you train that you get sweaty and smelly. So, we skip the a.m. shower and bathe only after training sessions. Hence the phrase: no bathe".

I guess some people shower to perform some sort of "tabula rosa" on their scalp. But if you have my hair style (or lack of anything to do with hair) it's not an issue. I guess too, if you have long hair as my wife does. You just brush it out. And really, no shower gives yo 10 more minutes to sleep in!!

Lest you think that our household is a smelly one, most days I get in a couple of workouts. My early morning run, strength or swim, then later in the afternoon the main training workout. So in the end I ususally get in a couple of showers each day. One quick one (no shaving), and one longer one (shaving!).... my wife doesn't shave. We'll, maybe her legs.

On the swim days I get my favorite hygeine dose: Chlorine Clean!! Man, I just love the smell of chlorine on my skin. There's no more clean smell than that! After swimming dozens of laps, that chorine just gets in there and permeates all the nooks and crannys of your bod. and really purifies yours skin. I have a friend who was a world class swimmer and the captain of his University swim team. He told me he once went 3 months without a bath or shower (except maybe a pre and post workout rinse). He also ran out of clean laundry and wore his speedo for underwear for several weeks.

You may think I'm joking or exagerating, but in our home we are so in the habit of showering after the workout, that if we fail to get training in, the showering habit kinda goes to the wayside too. Fortunately, I don't miss many sessions, but my wife...

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